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Welcome. The name is Connection Room because connecting people is what we do. Our goal is to provide useful information focused on leadership, inspiration, and improving lives and relationships.

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The Curiosity Challenge

  • 03/23

One of my favorite on-screen tropes is “sharking.” Regardless of what genre you prefer, I guarantee you’ve seen it somewhere. A bully challenges someone to prove their worth, not realizing their competitor is more qualified than they let on. Maybe…

Work Life Balance

Balance Begins at the Top

  • 02/23

Amid workplace news regularly coining new terms like “quiet quitting” and “rage applying,” it can feel discouraging for leaders as we try to build and maintain healthy, successful teams. We know the truth is more nuanced than “no one wants…

Optimistic Employee

The Optimism Advantage

  • 01/23

From US politicians to Silicon Valley executives, many of society’s most successful leaders hold one characteristic in common: the value of optimism. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker makes the case for why we should feel confident for the future in his…

Blog Generosity

Generosity: The Gift of Success

  • 12/22

In 2010, the show Undercover Boss debuted on reality TV.  For eleven seasons, we have seen corporate executives secretly take lower-level jobs within their companies to witness firsthand how their operations work and what their employees truly think of them.…

GettyImages 1254975556 Scaled 1

Humility: Interviewing for the Intangible

  • 11/22

Years of searching for the best candidates means I’ve interacted with my fair share of talented people. As I interview them, I listen for qualities such as humility that indicate whether they are also a fit, making them the exceptional…

GettyImages 693655538

The Persistence Payoff

  • 10/22

When you think about iconic sports films, what titles come to mind? Is it Rudy in his quest to play Notre Dame football? Perhaps it’s Rocky and his iconic run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. How…

Talent vs. Passion: Both, Actually

  • 09/22

How do you feel about Hallmark movies? Everyone I know falls into one of two camps: they find them redundant and predictable, or they count down the days until they can binge-watch every new holiday film with a cup of…

Hand Pulling Fire Alarm

The Right Leader vs. The Right Now Leader

  • 08/22

Imagine you are interviewing for a new General Manager. You’ve spoken with all kinds of candidates awaiting the outcome of your decision. Before you can choose, there is a fire in the office. The fire department arrives, ensures the safety…

Leadership Helping Hand

A Leader’s Source of Strength

  • 08/22

Do you recall the parable of the “Lion and the Mouse?” It’s Aesop’s fable about the small rodent who accidentally ran across the face of a mighty but sleeping beast. The sensation of the Mouse’s tiny, rapidly moving feet awakened…


The Supreme Quality for Leadership

  • 06/22

We’ve all heard the stories. A respected, seemingly successful company was actually in debt and collapsed. A well-known executive’s sordid personal details enter the spotlight, shattering their image, and forcing a professional — and public — resignation. It sometimes feels…

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