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The Objective Executive Search


The Objective Executive Search

A common misconception about my executive search work is that I am in the recruitment business. While the need to find a person to fill a role drives both executive search and recruitment, the similarities end there.

Executive search is a personalized process to find the best possible candidates for high-level positions by identifying and attracting the best talent and cultural fit, starting with our broad network.

In my opinion, the “secret sauce” of the Executive Search process begins with our commitment to objectivity. As each search must yield the best results for both clients and candidates, we work toward solutions that benefit both parties.

In one search, I was checking references for a finalist my client was ready to hire when I discovered he had omitted a short-term position from his resume. I was fully transparent with both parties, sharing my concern about the omission with the candidate and advising him the client would be informed, and making the final decision on whether to proceed with an offer.

Sharing this discovery with the client meant I risked the potential of creating more work for myself if the search needed to continue. While the candidate was unhappy with my choice to report their omission, providing the facts allowed the client to make an objective decision and affirmed the integrity of our process. In this particular case, the client chose to proceed with another candidate from our list of finalists.

The final step in our executive search process is salary negotiation with the candidate on behalf of the client. Objective negotiation with the candidate includes transparency regarding the challenges of the position and the company as well as the opportunities available for the candidate to demonstrate their capabilities and value.

For my clients, I provide current market compensation conditions for similar candidates. We candidly discuss the impact the candidate will have on future revenue and profit improvements which will far outweigh the possible increase in compensation should that be needed to bring the candidate on board.

By acting objectively, we provide our clients with the best possible candidates and prepare our candidates with a comprehensive view of the opportunity, setting them up for success. We believe this is the best way to build long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

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