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How Your Past Informs The Present


How Your Past Informs The Present

There is no substitute for many years of professional experience, as we see in the recent Dogged Decisions. While Tim has the interest and drive essential to his role, his mysterious guru, Ryan, recognizes that he lacks the depth of knowledge and network that one typically acquires over the years. In what seems like an instant, Tim is taken 30 years back in time, only to emerge in the present day, seasoned with the wisdom and resources developed across those years.

Whether the president of a company, human resources leader, or private equity managing director, having the right experiences from which to draw upon when making important decisions is a critical factor for job success. Over time, the skill becomes innate and trusted.

Business environments are unpredictable and so are the problems that arise. While familiarity can help in many situations, great solutions can also come from a unique approach or outside-the-box thinking.

A candidate with these qualities immediately came to mind when I was asked to fulfill an Executive Director role for a mail delivery trade association. The organization was seeking someone who could understand the business operation and improve the service provided to members.

The person I had in mind spent some time in the U.S. Army and a few years in college, then ended up at a nonprofit association in the newspaper industry. His professional skills, strategic mindset, problem solving approach, and distribution accomplishments convinced me that this person was a strong candidate to lead the trade association.

We had a great interview and I recommended him for the role. The client also thought the candidate was a great fit and he was hired. Under his leadership, the association transformed a stagnant business operation that had been in place for decades. It was a huge success.

Experience, great connections, and acquired knowledge are the great byproducts of a well-rounded professional career. I see it in my own day-to-day. I recognize it in the background of others with whom I meet.

The qualities that lead to success in business stand the test of time. Personal character, background, and that elusive x-factor all come into play when searching for someone who will not just fill a role – but have tremendous impact to the point of redefining the role. Please explore our other blogs to gain an even more complete picture of the philosophies that guide us at Durakis Executive Search.

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