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What I learned from a so-called “super” executive


What I Learned From A So-called “super” Executive

If you know me, you know I never stop searching for better ways to find and match executive talent with companies that need to fill leadership positions. When I heard about these “super” executives, I had my doubts. Easy-to-find, off-the-shelf executive talent? I agreed to check them out, and take them through the same initial process I use for all candidates. It’s the least I can do for the companies that rely on me to find rock-star executive talent.

See for yourself how it went.

This experience reinforced for me what I’ve really always known—you can’t manufacture fit.

And it’s fit that is the single most important indicator of success for organizations hiring executives. Whether the role is C-suite, VP, or Director, we dig deep with the best candidates to uncover more than the requisite skill sets and relevant experience. We’re looking to identify the candidates that truly fit with the culture and team of the hiring organization.

There are no shortcuts to uncovering these indicators. It comes through immersion, probing, asking insightful questions, and verifying answers. It can only happen by building trust with candidates and hiring managers, and that demands personal attention.

That’s our recipe for success and it’s served us well for 40 years. This type of fit must be found, and we find it.

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