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Pursue Your Passions – Live Your Dreams


Pursue Your Passions – Live Your Dreams

Our comic strip about work life, Dogged Decisions, has focused on internal traits developed by Tim early in his career. We have repeatedly witnessed his ability to connect with and help people in meaningful ways. The new season of the strip is segueing to the moment he took a chance that rocketed him into a meaningful direction under the guidance of Ryan, the mystical pointer with instinctive wisdom, and the new opportunities the risk yielded. The connection between these characters rises to a new level, transcending the limitations of language and time. 

 Having strong connections with the right people makes possibilities become reality. Even if you do not personally have the connections needed, you just need access to one person, the right person, a connector. These people have contacts and personal relationships across a variety of industries, reaching up to the highest levels. A true connector has deep ties, often shared personal interests and acquaintances, while also knowing people’s needs and how to resource them. These professional relationships have been nurtured over the years, even decades. 

It is these years of preparation that puts a connector in the position to help others when the time comes. They use their voluminous network to search for and match challenges with solutions. Combining a new opportunity with access to a strong network can open new doors. A well-informed connector will also recognize when an opportunity looks like a good match or might not be right for you. 

Either way, a connector is fully engaged in knowing their contacts and today’s digital communication enables those relationships to stay stronger than ever. Beyond email and direct mail, I enjoy staying connected with a quick phone call or text message. 

Strong connections are one of the keys to career longevity and success. The years are certain to pass, but staying connected is incredibly important as you never know when an opportunity will arise. 

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