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Welcome. The name is Connection Room because connecting people is what we do. Our goal is to provide useful information focused on leadership, inspiration, and improving lives and relationships.

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Professional Male In A Dark Suite, Walking Up A Tall Staircase

How Your Past Informs The Present

  • 01/24

There is no substitute for many years of professional experience, as we see in the recent Dogged Decisions. While Tim has the interest and drive essential to his role, his mysterious guru, Ryan, recognizes that he lacks the depth of…

Career Path Decisions Mentor Connector Executive Job Search Chuck Durakis

Connecting to Your Future

  • 12/23

As we see in our most recent installment of Dogged Decisions, Tim, with a little quantum physics time travel from Ryan, is about to embark on a journey that will forever change his life. Though we may wish we had…

September 2023 Blog Header

Connecting the Personal and the Professional

  • 09/23

As Tim’s professional journey continues in Season 2 of our work life comic strip, Dogged Decisions, we see how connections in the workplace may grow outside our individual place of business. Connections and relationships impact both our personal and professional…

August 2023 Blog Header

Recognizing Talent Goes Way Beyond Checking the Boxes

  • 08/23

As Season 2 of our work life comic strip Dogged Decisions continues, we find that Tim’s ability to make connections has presented him with a new professional opportunity.  Making connections – bringing two sides together by confidently leveraging experience and…


Pursue Your Passions – Live Your Dreams

  • 07/23

Our comic strip about work life, Dogged Decisions, has focused on internal traits developed by Tim early in his career. We have repeatedly witnessed his ability to connect with and help people in meaningful ways. The new season of the…

How To Show Gratitude To Your Team And Boost Employee Engagement

How to Show Gratitude for Your Team

  • 05/23

In today's competitive business environment, it is critical to have a motivated and engaged workforce. One of the best and simplest ways to achieve this is by showing gratitude to team members for their hard work and contributions. Appreciation is…

Objective Executive Search Process

The Objective Executive Search

  • 04/23

A common misconception about my executive search work is that I am in the recruitment business. While the need to find a person to fill a role drives both executive search and recruitment, the similarities end there. Executive search is…


The Curiosity Challenge

  • 03/23

One of my favorite on-screen tropes is “sharking.” Regardless of what genre you prefer, I guarantee you’ve seen it somewhere. A bully challenges someone to prove their worth, not realizing their competitor is more qualified than they let on. Maybe…

Work Life Balance

Balance Begins at the Top

  • 02/23

Amid workplace news regularly coining new terms like “quiet quitting” and “rage applying,” it can feel discouraging for leaders as we try to build and maintain healthy, successful teams. We know the truth is more nuanced than “no one wants…

Optimistic Employee

The Optimism Advantage

  • 01/23

From US politicians to Silicon Valley executives, many of society’s most successful leaders hold one characteristic in common: the value of optimism. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker makes the case for why we should feel confident for the future in his…

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