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Chuck’s Month of Golf Part III: Fun on the Green


Chuck’s Month Of Golf Part III: Fun On The Green

Today’s post is the last  of three installments for the month of August all about golf. I hope you’ve been enjoying it and if you haven’t seen Part I: Strictly Business or Part II: Art of the Swing, make sure you take a look at those too. Now, before the fall hits us like a tidal wave, enjoy the last few days of the summer with this just-for-fun list of golf gadgets and gear. Maybe it will even come in handy to get a jump on your holiday shopping for yourself or a serious golf fan on your list.

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Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer  
The 360-degree swing tracking tool and app that produces enough data for you fill every non-golfing hour with assessing your game.

Jef World of Golf Double Layer Trunk Locker  
More on the practical side but something like this is a must-have for organized people who are frequently on the green.

For the kids/ grandkids: Threadrock Unisex Baby Crawl Walk Golf Bodysuit  
You have to start them young. Guaranteed someone in your family or extended family should have this.

Novelty 5 Piece BBQ Tools in Black Golf Bag and Golf Grips
For the golf nut in your life that has everything… and likes to grill.

Swirl Away Driver Drink Dispenser  
What you put in it is up to you but this is far beyond a clever flask.

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