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Chuck’s Month of Golf Part II: Art of the Swing


Chuck’s Month Of Golf Part II:  Art Of The Swing

As you know we’re spending the month of August talking about golf. In our first post, Strictly Business, we looked at the business and deal-making side of golf, today we’ll look at the sport itself with some very interesting content covering everything from history to film. At the end of the month check back for the last in the series, all about golf gear and some just-for-fun content.

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Timeline: The History of Golf
From 100 BC to present day, this is the definitive timeline of golf.

Quiz: Records, Bests and Firsts in the Masters
This is for advanced users only. Test your golf knowledge.

Infographic: The Evolution of Tiger’s Swing
A scientific breakdown of Tiger’s swing in a crisp visual.

45 Great Moments in Golf
From golfing astronauts to heat exhaustion to Al Geiberger shooting the first 59 on the PGA Tour, these are 45 of golf’s most memorable moments.

How Airlines Handle “Golf Luggage ”
A quick graphic you’ll want to see if you’re flying with your clubs this summer.

Bonus: The Best and Worst Golf Movies Ever
Some may disagree with this list but nevertheless, here it is.


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