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Chuck’s Month of Golf Part I: Strictly Business


Chuck’s Month Of Golf Part I: Strictly Business

Golf lovers prepare yourselves.

For many of us golf is more than just a sport, or hobby, or something we watch on TV. Golf is something else; it’s a part of life, part of the rhythm of business and a functional aspect of working in a relationship-driven industry. For the month of August I’m going to talk about golf. A lot. In today’s post I’ve selected a few great articles that speak to the business side of golf and in coming weeks you’ll see more on the science and art of the sport, and some just-for-fun-content.

I’d also like to invite you to connect with me on Linkedin where for the entire month of August I’ll be posting some of the most inspirational, humorous, and spot-on golf quotes, every few days.

Why Golfers Get Ahead
Character. Scrupulous honesty. Skill. A robust explanation of golf as the superior sport of business, soundly reasoned with clear parallels to leadership and business.

The 8 Rules of Business Golf
Solid advice from pace of play to closing deals to skill level. They could have called this the 10 Commandments of Business Golf but I suppose these 8 capture it all.

Golfing Again. Please Send Help
A story about staying away from golf. And then coming back to it again. And how we can love and hate and love the game again all at once.

Golf 20 Years Ago: Nothing’s Changed
I stumbled across this report about golfing and business from 1993. Nothing has changed except maybe the width of our ties since then.

If you would  like to add to my collection of content just email me  or post something here in the comments.


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