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A strong network of business leaders, cultivated over decades, sets us apart from other executive search firms. We rely on relationships with our clients, our peers, and our network to identify powerful candidates for the unique connection that makes the difference for your business.


1 Kick-Off for Requirements and Culture

Each search begins with an engagement meeting to fully understand your position requirements; your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion objectives; and the nuances of your company culture.


2 Custom Research and Candidate Identification

We develop a custom search plan to find candidates, leveraging our experience and technology, personally reaching out to them to identify potential fits. This first personal impression on the candidate is often critical.


3 Personal Interviews

Company president Chuck Durakis individually interviews candidates to assess not only their skills, but to know them as a person and assess their fit for the client company culture. This builds trust in the candidate, which contributes to successful negotiations later.


4 Client/Candidate Interviews

Durakis Executive Search provides a thorough candidate overview to our clients, so they can put on their “recruiter-marketing hat” and best position themselves to the candidate during introductions and interviews.


5 Background and Reference Checks

Chuck personally conducts reference checks to uncover any unforeseen challenges. While it seems like a simple step, this cannot be overlooked as it can uncover information that can influence the search as a whole.


6 Compensation Negotiation and Offer Acceptance

Once a candidate is selected, Chuck personally facilitates negotiation of compensation, leveraging the trust that has built over the entire process. This allows for a final agreement that is in the best interest of both client and candidate.

The advantage of a balanced approach

In addition to our process, we leverage our network of past clients and candidates, and extensive research tools to find candidates where others simply can’t look.


Perhaps Durakis’ most important asset, 50% of searches are filled from our network. We cultivate these relationships with the same level of personal attention we bring to every search.

Built over 50 years
Many industries, all functional areas
Strong, lasting relationships


Durakis blends exhaustive research, state-of-the-art digital tools, and custom candidate communications to identify and engage a pool of high-quality candidates for consideration.

Traditional and non-traditional sources for diversity
Uncover passive candidates
Customized communication for higher response rates

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