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Create Opportunities and Connections in the New Year


Create Opportunities And Connections In The New Year

This past year was anything but normal. Businesses had to change very quickly to respond to the pandemic and rapidly-shifting market conditions. Whole industries were made obsolete while others became lifelines for millions of people. We held our collective breath (sometimes literally) and we did what was necessary to make it through.

It seems fitting as 2020 comes to a close that the news on the pandemic suggests that an end to it may also be within our reach. Much hard work and many sacrifices went into creating the advances that hold the bright light of promise. Success in these efforts didn’t happen on their own. People labored to make the right connections to make it happen.

Regardless of customs, nearly every tradition recognizes the New Year season as both a time of quiet reflection on the year that what was and of stepping boldly to seize the promise of new opportunities.

After 40-plus years of connecting executive leaders with businesses, I’ve seen many eras of uncertainty. One truth that I’ve observed is that the people who flourish through the dark times are those that are constantly seizing new opportunities by making connections. The businesses that choose to step forward when others hold back emerge stronger.

Again, success doesn’t happen on its own. It comes through creating opportunities and making connections.
So, as you look to make opportunities for your business, know that I am rooting for you and here to help connect you to the right talent to make it happen.

I wish you, your family, and your company a bright 2021.

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