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The Right Leader vs. The Right Now Leader


The Right Leader Vs. The Right Now Leader

Imagine you are interviewing for a new General Manager. You’ve spoken with all kinds of candidates awaiting the outcome of your decision. Before you can choose, there is a fire in the office. The fire department arrives, ensures the safety of your team, and puts out the fire. Naturally, you offer the position to one of the firefighters.

Do firefighters possess leadership qualities? Absolutely. Did they resolve your most pressing need? Without a doubt.

Now what? Does your new firefighter-turned-GM have a game plan for what’s next, or are they redefining their role and assessing your building for physical risks instead of performing essential GM duties?

This example may seem far-fetched, but companies make snap decisions in response to metaphorical fires all the time.

Is it wrong to choose the firefighter? Perhaps not. They offer critical skills, and if your intention is to make space to grow their capabilities once the fire has been extinguished, you may find that you’ve invested in a generalist who brings value to your team. On the other hand, if those skills aren’t your organization’s perfect fit, your company culture and bottom line could suffer.

Now, imagine during the fire that your team and the waiting candidates are all safely evacuated. One candidate was the last to leave after ensuring everyone else’s safety and even followed up to check on everyone the next day. They didn’t put out the fire, but they provided direction and empathy in a time of crisis, gaining the team’s trust and respect as a result. Would you pass them up for the position in favor of the firefighter, or would you recognize their intentional leadership style and continue the conversation?

Intentional leaders possess many traits Durakis seeks out in our executive searches: They show interest in and cultivate relationships with team members, engage in professional development, and openly share their expertise. Intentional leaders understand that they are part of a team working toward a common goal. Durakis understands that intentional leaders bring about the most motivated and productive teams. Let us find your next transformative leader.

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