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How to Start the Year Right


How To Start The Year Right

It’s that time of year again: a time to not only reflect on the year you’ve had but to position yourself and your company for success in the future. Last year, I shared my contacts’ answers to the question, “What’s one thing you do every year around this time to make sure you end the year right?” as part of my Core Thoughts series. Today, I’d like to talk about how to start the year right. While there’s certainly some overlap, it’s important to reflect on the past year’s successes and failures and use those learnings as a jumping off point to even better things.

As we enter into not only a new year but a new decade, here are my top tips for success moving forward.

Take a moment to reflect

While it’s tempting to hit the ground running as soon as the page of the calendar turns, it’s important to reflect on both the wins and the losses of the year before. “Failing forward” is a cliché term but it’s critical to the success of any organization. By not pinpointing what was done right and what needs to be improved upon, you miss an incredible opportunity for growth.

Set concrete goals

It might seem corny or old fashioned but every year, I come up with New Year’s resolutions. You can call them whatever you want, but setting clear goals for yourself, your company, and your employees is hugely important as you begin a new year.


Communication is key to the success of any organization but it’s even more critical when you want to see change. How can you expect your team to reach goals they aren’t even aware of?  How can individuals improve if you haven’t given them feedback?

Ask for and accept feedback

Just as it’s important to give feedback to those you work with, it’s equally as critical to ask them how you’re doing and actually listen to that feedback when it’s given. This not only helps you become a better leader, it also shows those around you that you value their opinion and you’re willing (within reason) to change your behavior for the good of the company.

While these simple steps could have a huge impact on your upcoming year, I recognize that every leader and every organization is different. I’d love to hear how you start your year off right. Email me at to get the conversation started.


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