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Talent vs. Passion: Both, Actually


Talent Vs. Passion: Both, Actually

How do you feel about Hallmark movies? Everyone I know falls into one of two camps: they find them redundant and predictable, or they count down the days until they can binge-watch every new holiday film with a cup of hot cocoa in their hands.

These films have a lot in common, and I’m not just talking about the “happily ever after” aspect. Many of the protagonists are successful in their careers but lack passion. Think about how often we see a professional from the big city who was climbing the corporate ladder suddenly decide to leave years of hard work behind in favor of managing their family’s bed and breakfast after being away for just a few days.

When we feel excited about what we do at work, that passion gives us meaning and purpose. Does that mean we each have one true calling we are limited to? Not necessarily. Many talented professionals are multi-passionate, or as I like to call them, generalists. In fact, one of my favorite generalists, Albert Einstein had this to say about passion:

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”

Fostering a culture of passionate professionals starts at the top. Take a moment to check in with yourself and how you’re feeling. Perhaps you love your career but are feeling stressed or in a rut. Reflect on what areas of your career give you the most fulfillment and find ways to do them more. Reserve time to learn and grow, encouraging your team to do the same — passion is contagious!

At Durakis, finding passionate executives is the secret sauce to our success. The results achieved by passionately curious professionals are the stuff of which leaders are made: energy, drive, innovation, focus, and creativity. The longer I search for talent, the more I realize what makes me passionate about this work: the challenge of finding outstanding performers who are truly passionate about the work they do are the real “A” candidates.

We’ve helped lots of companies find their perfect, passionate fit. Perhaps we should offer a helping hand to Hallmark.

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