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Meet TEDCO’s New CEO, George Davis


Meet TEDCO’s New CEO, George Davis

While we promise the relentless one-on-one attention of a small firm, Durakis Executive Search fills positions at the highest levels – including the role of CEO for the Maryland Technology Development Corp. (TEDCO). After growing technology businesses for over 20 years, including taking Aether Systems from a 10-person startup to a multibillion-dollar operation, George Davis recently took the reins at TEDCO where he will focus his energies on evolving the State’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. In other words, how to expand TEDCO’s early stage suite of services like mentoring, funding, and networking to help startups move quickly down the road to success. The fit between George and TEDCO became clear even in the earliest conversations I had with both parties. Seeing this kind of match turn into large scale success is one of the most incredible feelings and I expect we’ll be seeing lots of amazing things from both George and TEDCO in coming months. So, without further ado, we proudly introduce George Davis, CEO of TEDCO.

You’re almost a month into your new role as CEO of TEDCO. How’s it going so far?
Fast and furious! I’ve received a warm reception from all stakeholders, internal and external. I have the hood open and am working through the full enterprise. Ideas are germinating daily on how to do some extraordinary things with this amazing asset to boost Maryland’s Innovation Ecosystem to new levels!

What has you the most excited looking ahead to the next 12 months?
The fact that all of the stakeholders, including employees, Board Members, and constituencies, have a shared mission to make the Maryland startup community great – and a commitment to work together towards that end.

What’s a lesson you feel like you’ve learned now that you just didn’t grasp early on in your career?
The need to temper the overwhelming need for a sense of urgency in building a business with patience and tolerance. Fools sometimes really do rush in.

What was the process “like” for you throughout our discussions (the whole search) with TEDCO?
Dynamic, informative guidance from Chuck was catalyst to keep me in play and to bring the parties together for a successful outcome.

How do you think about talent and experience in a highly entrepreneurial context?
Fresh perspective and acumen balanced with solid pedigree and experienced acumen creates a winning formula.

Sum up life as an entrepreneur in 3 words.
Hard as sh*t!

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