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Making Connections in Executive Search & Beyond


Making Connections In Executive Search & Beyond

When someone asks me to put what I do into layman’s terms, I always respond with, “Simply put, I make connections.” As an executive search professional, that’s how I’ve been able to stay productive and relevant for more than 30 years – connecting executives to one another, connecting hiring managers to great candidates, and connecting business leaders to new career opportunities.

But making connections goes beyond just my business. Yes, it’s my job when I’m filling executive searches – but it’s my passion when it comes to cultivating relationships with those in my network. Filling searches is very satisfying, but making a connection that results in an unexpected opportunity goes even beyond that. When I can help someone fill a need in their organization, advance their career, help their child who’s just starting out, or set them up for the opportunity to sit on a new board, that’s where the real satisfaction comes in.

One of the many examples of how I’ve created connections outside of my executive search work is the story of two talented professionals who were a clear fit for one another. Several years ago, my client Dan Gillis accepted a new job as president of Software AG (SAG). After researching SAG, it became apparent that the organization’s marketing was underperforming. I called and congratulated Dan and shared my observations. He agreed.

Rather than soliciting a search, I told Dan I already had a perfect candidate, Tim Hill. Tim’s successful career had taken him to the west coast, but he was eager to come back east. With permission from both, I coordinated a meeting and acted as liaison. It couldn’t have worked out any better. Tim accepted the chief marketing officer job and together, they turned the company around, launched an IPO, and did extremely well professionally and financially.

I was thrilled knowing my ability to make a connection played a part in such incredible success. There was no quid pro quo, nor was it expected. Going the extra mile to help someone is just that important to me. I truly believe that results are not always immediate. In the long run, it is the relationships you build, the consideration you show others, and the reputation you earn that is important. The rest takes care of itself.

I’d love to hear about what you’re working on right now. Maybe I can make a connection for you too. Shoot me an email or give me a call at (410) 740-7078 to find out.

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