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Beyond the C-Suite: DES Searches Layers Down


Beyond The C-Suite: DES Searches Layers Down

While the name of the company I’ve helped build over the last 30-plus years is Durakis Executive Search, my work goes far beyond the C-Suite. Many people have the misconception that my work is solely focused on that level of hire when in fact 50% of searches I work on are beyond the C-Suite. Yes, my portfolio includes placing CEOs, CFOs, and most of the other “Cs” – but when it comes down to it, my work is first and foremost about making connections at a multitude of levels. And you don’t have to have a “C” at the beginning of your title to qualify as a quality connection.

I truly believe that each person plays a unique and important role in their company’s success; while executives take ownership of much of the leadership and decision-making aspects, the people below them are often the ones responsible for the execution. It’s like the layers of soil beneath a large oak tree; everything is connected and works together for the greater good of the plant. The same goes for professionals layers down from the C-Suite. It’s all important to the larger entity.

The size of the company and other factors also play a role in the type of searches I conduct. Many C-Suite searches can be at total cash compensation of $500,000 and above, whereas the bulk of the work I do is at levels of $175,000 to $400,000. Many directors, senior directors, vice presidents, senior vice presidents, etc. fall within this category – and “A” players at these levels are hard to find. That’s where I come in.

While the name of the position may be different from those you typically associate with an executive search firm, my approach is always the same. I have a vast, well-connected network of professionals at my fingertips – not to mention my commitment to the highest level of personal attention and an instinct for finding and matching the right person with each role I’m presented with. That commitment doesn’t waver, no matter the job title. Beyond my strong and well-connected network, DES’ custom research is fantastic at uncovering the diamond in the rough that can act as a real catalyst for a company at any level.

Interested in learning more about my experience beyond the C-Suite? I’d love to hear from you.

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