Durakis Overview

S uccessful executive search requires patience, trust, experience, communication, and talent. Add passion, commitment, and over-the-top personalized attention, and the results are exceptional executive candidates.

Focus should always be on quality, not volume. This is how I create sustainable relationships based on trust and shared experiences.

I am a second-generation owner with close to 30 years of executive search experience. I bring broad functional and industry experience and a focus on leadership, personality and cultural fit. I am a trusted advisor to a deep network of clients, sources, and candidates.

Why Choose Chuck Durakis?

I find star candidates who transform businesses – strong leaders who can change cultures and create growth. My network is full of exceptional executive talent. This is why clients trust me, return my calls, and refer me to other great performers. I am reliable and committed. I do what I say I’m going to do, when I say I’m going to do it. My passion is finding the right fit for companies and candidates. Every search is filled every time with great talent.

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Success Story

Sometimes success stories are not always about placing a star candidate. In my experience, all success stories simply start with doing the right thing. It all starts with trust. And trust must be earned. Here is a true story:

Several years ago I noticed a client, Dan Gillis, had accepted a new job as president of Software AG (SAG). Based on my due diligence, I determined that SAG’s marketing was underperforming. I called and congratulated Dan and shared my observations. He agreed.

Rather than soliciting a search, I told Dan I already had a perfect candidate, Tim Hill. Tim’s successful career had taken him to the west coast, but he was eager to return to the east coast. With permission from both, I coordinated a meeting and acted as liaison. It couldn’t have worked out any better. Tim accepted the chief marketing officer job and moved east. Together, they turned the company around, launched an IPO, and did extremely well financially.

I was thrilled knowing my network resulted in such incredible success. There was no quid pro quo. Going the extra step to help someone is important to me. I truly believe that results are not always immediate. In the long run, it is the relationships you build, the consideration you show others, and the reputation you earn that is important. The rest takes care of itself.